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Tapestry Magic #2: Ajax with Graceful Degradation


In Tapestry5, both Ajax & non-ajax event handlers are simple methods and a single method can be used to handle both requests. This is particularly useful in case a browser does not support javascript or javascript is disabled. On the client side, Tapestry5 gracefully degrades to a non-ajax call. If we make a small adjustment to our event handler method, we can handle both ajax and non-ajax calls on the server side and make a graceful degradation on server side too.

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Tapestry Magic #1: Using Class Transformations

One of the most power tools in Tapestry5 is the Class transformation of Components and Pages. In plain language it means you can add or modify methods in components and pages at runtime. The magic is done by implementing ComponentClassTransformWorker which has just one method

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