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Tapestry and ‘Editable for Bootstrap’

Twitter Bootstrap is a relief to programmers like me who were never good at web-designing. It has a nice javascript library and there are already modules to integrate twitter-bootstrap with tapestry. There are a lot of good add ons coming up for bootstrap and one of my favourites is the Editable for Bootstrap. Every time I see such a library I wait for a oppurtunity to integrate it with Tapestry.
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Scrolling pages : tapestry5 & onScrollBeyond

This blog is about adding pagination in Tapestry 5 using jQuery based onScrollBeyond(). It might sound difficult but as always tapestry makes it so easy that you wonder whether it is worth blogging about :).
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Tapestry 5.3+ New Features : Part 2


This is one of the most useful feature of Tapestry 5.3. There is already a concept of Zone in Tapestry for Ajax but now it is complimented by AjaxResponseRenderer. This fills a lot of gaps at least for people coming from Wicket. It is a bit similar to AjaxRequestTarget but empowered with Zones and JSON. I have compiled a small example demonstrating most of the features.
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Tapestry & AjaxFormLoop

Tapestry mailing list has a constant flow of newbie questions related to AjaxFormLoop component. This is a very powerful component but with some limitations that must be understood before using it.

AjaxFormLoop allows, in a limited way, dynamic addition of components to a form. These components are laid out inside the AjaxFormLoop. Each time the ‘Add New’ link is clicked, addRow event is triggered. This event requires the event handler to return a new ‘value’ bean. A new row is added to the loop with the given set of components and these components if form fields are bound to the newly instantiated bean.

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A Tooltip component for Tapestry

I was thinking of adding tooltips using prototip but found a very good free solution in Opentip. This is a very nice library and very easy to integrate. I was able to integrate it with only a single modification to the script and that was to replace the default ajax support with the Tapestry’s own ajax support. Continue reading

A Periodic Zone Refresh Mixin for Tapestry

Tapestry uses a concept of Zones for Ajax based updates. Zones are components which are used to identify/mark a portion of a component/page for Ajax updates. Usually zones are connected to client events of other components e.g. click of EventLink or ActionLink component, change event of Select component or submit event of Form component. But what if we just want a zone which refreshes itself with its own contents.This is what we are going to do. Continue reading

Ajax Upload for Tapestry

Tapestry has an excellent support for JavaScript and Ajax. It strikes a perfect balance between how much a framework should assist and how much the developer should do. Most component-based frameworks, rather than assisting, supervise and most action-based frameworks leave even the integration to the developer. Tapestry provides you with events which you can easily connect to your JavaScript events/functions and all the rest is, as I keep on saying, magic.

In this post, I will talk about integrating an Ajax based upload library, file-uploader with Tapestry.
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