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Scrolling pages : tapestry5 & onScrollBeyond

This blog is about adding pagination in Tapestry 5 using jQuery based onScrollBeyond(). It might sound difficult but as always tapestry makes it so easy that you wonder whether it is worth blogging about :).
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Multivalue AutoComplete for Tapestry

I have been very experimenting with tapestry-jquery plugin and it is great to finally go back to jquery. Not only using jquery is very easy but it also comes with a lot of plugins.

There are some improvements that I think can be added to the tapestry-jquery integration but don’t get time to discuss them in the mailing list.

Recently I wanted to use a multivalue autocomplete something on the lines of https://github.com/argoyle/tapestry-tagselect and found a wonderful plugin http://loopj.com/jquery-tokeninput/
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Tapestry Linkedin

Continuing from the Tweeting post and Facebook post, lets us extend the OAuth Service to enable us to update status on Linkedin. We start by creating LinkedinService
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Tapestry : Using reCaptcha

There is already Captcha support build-in for Tapestry5 but doing something from scratch is always fun in Tapestry. So in this post we are going to use reCaptcha with Tapestry5. There are two ways of integrating reCaptcha in your website. One way is to add it statically and other using Ajax. We are going to use the former case.
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Tapestry 5.3+ : New Features

Tapestry 5.3 is ready for a beta release and there are many exciting features. You can read about them here. The intention of this post and the one following it is to provide some running examples to get you started
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Tapestry Facebook Integration

Continuing from the Tweeting post, lets us extend the OAuth Service to enable us to post on a user’s wall. As all the hard work has already been done, we just have to tweak things a little.
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Tweeting with Tapestry

For tweeting in java, there are not many options like there are in other languages especially ruby. The best solution I have found is scribe-java. Interfacing with this library is very easy but you waste a lot of time trying to find what to do when.
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