Tapestry Grid & Hibernate Criteria

Tapestry Grid is a very powerful tool for displaying a list of entities. It expects a GridDataSource as source parameter. A useful tool can be a TypeCoercer which converts a Criteria to GridDataSource. Continue reading

Tapestry Conquering the World !!

WordPress has added a wonderful way to view blog stats.

This is for the last one year

Tapestry Conquering the World !!

Tapestry Conquering the World !!

Tapestry hibernate multiple databases

In a recent project, I had a requirement of connecting to multiple databases using hibernate. As tapestry-hibernate module does not provide an out-of-box support, I thought of adding one. https://github.com/tawus/tapestry5

Now that the application is in production, I thought of writing a simple “How to”.
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Some Reporting tricks with class-transformations

Every time I used to see some duplication of code, I used to move that code to a new method. With Tapestry, you begin to think differently. Now every time I see duplication, my first thought is “Can I create a worker for it”.

In my current project, I am using a few new ones. So I thought why not share them with you.
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Multivalue AutoComplete for Tapestry

I have been very experimenting with tapestry-jquery plugin and it is great to finally go back to jquery. Not only using jquery is very easy but it also comes with a lot of plugins.

There are some improvements that I think can be added to the tapestry-jquery integration but don’t get time to discuss them in the mailing list.

Recently I wanted to use a multivalue autocomplete something on the lines of https://github.com/argoyle/tapestry-tagselect and found a wonderful plugin http://loopj.com/jquery-tokeninput/
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Integrating Bootstrap JS with Tapestry5

Adding Bootstrap JS Twispy to your template is very easy

<a href='#' class='twipsy' data-title='My Twipsy'>Hover over me</a>
<script type='text/javascript'>

and you can always use property-expressions to display some dynamic data. But what if you want to have block rendered as title. This was exactly what I was trying to accomplish in one of my recent projects. (We are using tapestry-jquery for jquery support in that project.) Continue reading

Tapestry Linkedin

Continuing from the Tweeting post and Facebook post, lets us extend the OAuth Service to enable us to update status on Linkedin. We start by creating LinkedinService
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